My New Office

So as it’s a new year and all, I thought it was about time I updated my office and gave it a good spring (winter) clean. I had been working in an un-inspirational office space for too long. I like to be surrounded by things that inspire me and also, nice clean, white walls – so out came the paint.

As I was tidying my office and creating space, I started to make a pile of my notebooks. Can anyone have ‘too many’ notebooks?? I love stationery and always find myself buying pretty notebooks and adding them to my collection – some so pretty that I never intend to actually write in them.


My newest to the collection is from an Australian company called Kikki.K – absolutely gorgeous, Swedish inspired designs for stationery and gifts. I first stumbled across them when I was in Sydney and have followed them ever since.


I noticed that my pin board had so many things pinned to it, that it was neither useful nor easy to use. I wanted to create a ‘mood wall’ where I could pin all my ideas and inspirations. On looking for a pin board this size, I realised it would be easier to build this myself – therefore getting the perfect size and shape for my wall. All it took was some mount board, some cork tiles and a bit of No nails! I think some ribbon edging will finish it off perfect.



I also wanted to put some pictures on my wall, but couldn’t quite find what I was looking for. Whilst I’m still looking for that perfect picture, I’m always on Pintrest looking at inspirational quotes & phrases for future greeting cards. I decided to buy some plain black frames and create simple quotes to put up on my wall. Cheap as chips and I have some creative ‘artwork’. I might even use some of these for some greeting cards.


Quite pleased with myself. Just call me Kirsty Allsop! I’m now off to bake a cake 🙂


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